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    Advanced Technology Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd. is now CMMI Level 3 Company.

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    ATCS solutions have proven successful by identifying outliers in specific areas of focus allowing clients to target their resources efficiently and effectively.

Helping our partners understand the capabilities of their data and offering intelligent data driven decision making tools to support business objectives

ATCS is an established business consulting firm specializing in the Automotive and Healthcare sectors with a focus on proposing business concept solutions and developing IT tools to support data driven decision making through guided analytics.

Business Consulting

With over 10 years of automotive after sales business experience in the USA, Germany and China markets, ATCS can help steer the business towards increased parts revenue, service contract management, field reporting, warranty cost management, goodwill budget management and technical information delivery. China is shaping the automotive landscape through 2020, with expected sales of 22 million, greater than both North America and European markets. ATCS is already a provider of all after sales services in the China market with consultants onsite in Beijing.

Embrace technology.  That is what is happening in the Healthcare sector.  Whether it’s health wellness monitoring applications, member portals or analytics to better monitor costs, trends and outcomes, all are being invested in.  At ATCS we have applied claims management concepts from the automotive after sales business seamlessly to create guided analytic solutions for the managed care business. We are putting knowledge in the hands of healthcare companies to better understand trends that will impact the cost per enrollee.  Learn more…

Visualization Approach

Today’s visualization approach to concept development relieves the burden on companies to document every aspect of a development solution.  In tradition requirements documentation ideas are lost, concepts falls short and processes and misunderstood.  This results in a significant upfront investment from both the consulting firm and client, and often yields an over budget, missed target product.  Using a visualization approach, ATCS partners with clients to first outline a concept aligned with their business strategy followed by development of a working proof of concept with real processing and partial data integration. This rapid and cost effective service allows clients to measure the effectiveness of a concept solution using real time business cases before investing in IT tools.  Learn more…