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    ATCS solutions have proven successful by identifying outliers in specific areas of focus allowing clients to target their resources efficiently and effectively.

Normal business days.  What are they?

There is nothing normal in today’s rapid growing data world.  If you use traditional strategies, develop using traditional methodologies, hire traditional consultants and work traditional hours, you won’t survive.  We know this, and it’s what guides ATCS in deciding how to steer our company to prepare our clients for where their business is headed.

Who We Are

ATCS is a boutique business and development consulting firm specializing in creating data driven decision making solutions to lead automotive and healthcare companies in guided analytic capabilities.  Supporting the after sales automotive industry since 2000, working for leading global luxury auto manufacturers.  More recently, ATCS has applied the same analytic data principals from the automotive claims business to Healthcare.  You might be surprised how similar a vehicle repair and a patient service can be. Learn more about sectors we support…

Where Are We

  • Knowledge and management headquarters located in NJ/NYC area
  • Development offices in Jaipur and Mumbai, India
  • Beijing, China – local business consulting office
  • Stuttgart, Germany – local business consulting office
  • Meet our office managers…

Core Values

ATCS Core ValuesATCS Core Values

ATCS Core ValuesATCS Core Values

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