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Acting as an extension of your team, leveraging our industry knowledge

In today’s fiercely competitive markets companies struggle just to maintain market share.  It’s not enough to meet the status quo in hopes that others will fail.  There is no broad brush stroke approach if you want to gain a competitive advantage.  ATCS realizes that you can’t be an expert in all subjects or industries.  Focusing on the Automotive and Health and Life Sciences sectors, ATCS compliments existing teams as subject matter experts in their fields.

Experience in these industries spans seven different countries including the USA, China and Germany.  ATCS has engaged with Fortune Global 50 companies since 2000, helping guide their service offerings and guided analytic solutions through business consulting and development solutions.

Offering Services in Niche Sectors

You might ask, “How are such large industries such as automotive and healthcare niche?”  They are niche because they are unique in how they offer and claim for services.  Beyond unique, they are also very similar.  Both industries revolve around setting agreed rates or prices for anticipated services and then managing the performance of those rates through KPIs and guided analytics.  With over fifteen years of expert knowledge in the automotive after sales business, ATCS is now able to implement those same strategies and concepts in managed care.

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