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    Offering claim analysis tools to assist with capitation rate management, highlight service trends and identify outlier provider performance

Helping clients manage the challenges in the Health and Life Sciences industries with new solutions and techniques

The Health and Life Sciences industries are being squeezed and trends show that medical inflation increases will continue to add pressure to the bottom line, putting increased emphasis on cost controlling and revenue generation through intelligent analytics. Our broad experience helps bridge the entire value chain from bringing life-saving medicine to the market all the way to patient care.

Managed Care – We discovered highly relevant parallels in the managed care and automotive services industry.  The guided analytic solution model that ATCS has benchmarked in the automotive services industry is now being applied in managed care. This is an example of the innovation we bring by cross-pollinating ideas across industries.

Pharmaceuticals/Consumer Health Products – We provide analytics and advisory services to Pharma companies specifically in Performance Analytics, IT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture. The importance of technology to the highly complex and regulated processes in the Pharma industry cannot be understated. Having the right team can make a tremendous difference. Our expertise extends to Consumer Health Products which has the additional challenge of blending Consumer Packaged Goods industry best practices to the regulatory aspects of the Pharma industry.

Program/Event Management and Compliance  – Our strong Business Process Outsourcing capabilities are being leveraged to support market leading integrated medical communications companies in the area of compliance. We are diligent about ensuring compliance with established regulations around events for medical communications.  Learn more…

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