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    Educating our clients on industry specific trends and guiding innovative solution development

Providing specialized expertise in business processes, data analytics, industry specific products and services and solution development.

As a broad term business or more often management consulting means the practice of helping organizations to improve their performance.  The ATCS definition is more specific, providing niche services that meet specific needs in only those industries or business areas we feel confident in.  With a combined 45 years of automotive after sales experience and 6 years of healthcare capitation rate and claims experience, we know your sectors.  This knowledge is often transferable to other sectors as it was from the automotive claims business to the managed care claims business.  The product or service may be different, but the data is incredibly comparable.


The ATCS business model focuses on data; what information the data holds, how that information can be used to measure performance and what solutions or tools can drive performance improvement.

Proof of Concept Development

With management consulting leading the way, rapid development team is able to turn a concept into a working prototype with real sample data and data visualization.  Learn more…

Today, many decisions can be improved and risk reduced with the assistance of data.  A typical business consulting engagement to encourage data driven decision making includes the following:

Business Process Outsourcing

ATCS takes great pride in selecting and training the best professionals to assist its clients with BPO (Business Process Outsourcing). ATCS has chosen to build offices in Jaipur, India to ensure minimal turnover and highly skilled workers. Employees of the India office are loyal, dedicated and company trained individuals that are motivated to establish personal relationships with clients. Personal relationships between the client and its resources ensure accountability and help maintain transparency. ATCS gives tremendous weight to the professionalism of their employees and the quality of the service delivered to their clients.

The overall strategy is to provide clients with staff augmentation services with the goal of creating a fiscal benefit while ensuring expected levels of service already experienced internally.