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Personal relationships between the client and ATCS development staff are critical to ensuring accountability and helping to maintain transparency.

The #1 goal of the ATCS technology consulting services division is to create an environment of effective communication and personal accountability.  All development offices in India (Jaipur and Mumbai) are connected through high-end IP video conferencing systems.  Staff is encouraged to connect with clients through face-to-face conference meetings in order to develop a more productive business relationship.  ATCS wants clients to know the talented people that are helping them develop tools to improve their business.

Technology services can be categorized into three lines of businesses; application and system development, technology staffing and business process outsourcing.

Application and System Development

During the last 10 years, ATCS has acquired extensive experience in design and development of data driven decision making tools and has developed proprietary frameworks and techniques that reduce system development time and investment.  ATCS solutions have proven successful by identifying outliers in specific areas of focus allowing clients to target their resources efficiently and effectively.  Learn more…

Technology Staffing

Today’s IT projects demand a diversity of skills to succeed in delivering critical applications. Since these skills may not be readily available internally at the right time, our highly-skilled and experienced technology consultants can hit the ground running as an extended service line to your organization. Learn more…