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    Social Media Services ranging from Strategy to Technology to Operations

Social Media has become an essential part of a company’s brand management and digital strategy. Social listening between existing stakeholders and potential customers has added a new dimension to how organizations interact with their target audience.

Social listening, because of its immediacy and the fact that it reaches a global audience, is a powerful research tool capable of producing actionable insights in time to seize opportunities. Social listening tools allow companies to create effective digital and marketing strategies by monitoring sentiment and brand impact within the social space. 

The ATCS Approach

ATCS enables clients to target brand perception within the social space and generate actionable insights, by supporting them in developing social strategies that align with their brand’s business goals. We also act as a system integrator by helping clients select software and operationalize Social Media Management Platforms. Our Social Media Experts assist clients with choosing the right social tools for content development, engagement and reporting and analytics.

End to End Social Services & Solutions Provided:

  • Social media strategy
  • Tool selection
  • Real time global social listening
  • Social analytics
  • Social measurement and KPI tracking
  • Return on investment modeling
  • Crisis monitoring
  • Brand tracking (Competitive benchmarking and trend analysis)
  • Strategic and operational analytics/reporting
  • Proprietary database analytics/reporting (Both public and private social data sources)
  • Innovation model and partnerships incorporating social data to drive new ideas and products
  • Social technology architecture/social media management systems