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Connected Car


ATCS offers full spectrum of connected car services with proven capabilities across advisory, consulting, planning, implementation and operations support .We work with some of the top luxury OEMs globally helping them deliver world class connected car services to their customers.

Connectivity is rapidly evolving into a “Must Have” from a “Good to have” service globally and it is hard to find an OEM which is not offering or planning to offer these services. Moreover connectivity is emerging as the backbone of all digital evolutions in the automotive industry making it inevitable to offer connected car services. The car of future which will be “Electric”, “Autonomous” and “Shared” cannot be envisaged without connectivity.

ATCS connected car services are not only limited to conventional Safety, Security and Infotainment services but also extend to application of connectivity into these emerging areas.

Consulting and Advisory

ATCS offers Strategic, functional and program management consulting and advisory to plan, implement and operationalize connected car programs. Some of the areas we work with our clients in are

1. Telematics/Connected car Strategy and Roadmap definition

2. Setting up and operationalization of Program Management office

3. Connected car service design and offering planning

4. Functional advisory across all core components of connected car business

5. Supplier identification and onboarding support (Specification definition, bid process support, service delivery coordination etc.)

Telematics Service Platform
ATCS along with its technical partners offers a cloud based telematics service platform which is customized to suit the needs of individual connected car programs. We work with OEMs closely to develop, deploy and integrate the service platform within the overall connected car ecosystem.

Testing and Validation support

ATCS connected car services validation team offers end to end testing support for connected car programs.

1. Integration testing

2. Smoke Testing

3. User Acceptance Testing

4. Defect reporting and tracking

Big Data Services

Connected cars generate loads of data across several dimensions like customer behavior, driving behavior, vehicle diagnostic data and many more. ATCS data scientists have been studying and analyzing this big data and using proprietary algorithms and tools to help our OEM customers understand and derive actionable intelligence from this data.

Some of the puzzles we are helping OEMs world over to decipher are –

1. Will a trial customer convert into a paying customer

2. How to transform connected car services into a revenue stream

3. Streamlining of aftersales services through connectivity data

4. Improvement of R&D processes through connectivity data


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